Brahmin Leather Works

Brahmin Craftsmanship

Leather: The finest handbags begin With the finest raw materials. Brahmin understnds this therefore their leathers are treated with an aniline finish, a special coloring technique to bring out the natural beauty and texture of the leather – much like stain on wood.

Hardware: All Brahmin handbags feature solid brass d-rings, square-rings, and snap hooks. On handbags of lesser quality, strap rings are typically made of wire, so they are not as solid or durable, allowing the strap to slip off the ring over time.

Stitching: Beauty is in the detail – saddle stitches, for example. While a more difficult and time consuming process than straight stitches, saddle stitches are aesthetically more pleasing and definitely worth effort. In addition, Brahmin bags are sewn with a rich nylon thread for added strength and durability.

Pockets: Utility is of utmost importance in every handbag Brahmin design. The interior of every Brahmin bad is equipped with indispensable aids for the organized woman. Key clip, pen/pencil holder and when possible additional slide-in overlays are added.

Straps: All straps are double faced with edges inked and stitched. Extenders are added to most shoulder straps to allow for the widest possible range of lengths. For a short strap, the extender can be removed. For a very long strap, attach an additional extender. In essence, Brahmin handbags can be “custom fit” to nearly any woman, from petite to very tall.