Mary Frances

Mary Frances calls the San Francisco Bay Area home and has been designing handbags there since 1990. Her career as a creative entrepreneur developed in her living room in the late 1980s when she began designing costume jewelry and handbags as a hobby. Almost immediately, Mary Frances discovered a natural creative instinct for handbag and accessory design, and within months the collection took on a life of its own. Since those days, Mary Frances has received numerous accolades including the honor of Accessory Designer of the Year for the prestigious 2004 Dallas Fashion Awards.

Today, Mary Frances Accessories is an ever-changing brand clutched together by one commonality: each and every design is inspired by her unique personality. With a passion for enjoying life, welcoming every day with a smile, a fun-loving sense of humor and immense style, Mary Frances aims to share this philosophy with others through her designs and through the excellent customer service that she inspires her employees to provide. Between successfully running a business, managing a family and traveling the world in search of inspiration for her designs, the Mary Frances collection remains a must-have accessory for even the most discerning fashion-phile.